hosting Uruguay

Plans of Hosting

From 4,45 USD/mensuales
Everything what you need for his company, its blog, its forum, its personal Web. Solutions specifically designed to satisfy its needs with lodging Web, fast and reliable.
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Registry of Domains

35 .com domains .uy and .uy USD/anuales
It begins by a domain name and leaves shaped in Internet your own history.
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Design Web

We design your dreams from 300 USD
We design your website focusing us in your objective public and optimizing it so that he is able to compete in the first results search of Google.
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Positioning WEB

The prices of the service SEO settle down on the basis of their project.
We investigate the demanded words more in Google for the search of his product or service and we integrated them in its website of strategic way accompanied by strategies of effective link building positioning its Web in the first results search of Google.
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It looks for his new Domain

Domains .com .net and 12,95 .org USD annual
Domains 35 .com .uy and .uy USD annual


We offer 4 plans of hosting managing to fit us to the needs of each project.


The plan more demanded for small pages Webs.
1GB disc Space
limitless Bandwidth
limitless Accounts of E-mail
limitless Data bases
Certificates SSL (HTTPS) FREE
Backup copies FREE
CPanel & Constructor of sites
From 4,45 USD/mensuales
49,95 USD/Anuales
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lodging Web Uruguay


The most adapted for Webs average.
2GB disc Space
limitless Bandwidth
limitless Accounts of E-mail
limitless Data bases
Certificates SSL (HTTPS) FREE
Backup copies FREE
CPanel & Constructor of sites
From 5,95 USD/mensuales
69,95 USD/Anuales
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The plan adapted for great multiple Webs and emails.
3GB disc Space
limitless Bandwidth
limitless Accounts of E-mail
limitless Data bases
Certificates SSL (HTTPS) FREE
Backup copies FREE
CPanel & Constructor of sites
From 11,95 USD/mensuales
119,95 USD/Anuales
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For Webs with multiple archives and great amount of emails.
5GB disc Space
limitless Bandwidth
limitless Accounts of E-mail
limitless Data bases
Certificates SSL (HTTPS) FREE
Backup copies FREE
CPanel & Constructor of sites
From 14,95 USD/mensuales
179,95 USD/Anuales
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Service of lodging Web in Uruguay 24/7
It knows because we have the best service of FrontierPowerHosting

Support 24/7

Our servers are monitored the 365 days of year 24/7 by enabled personnel to solve any type of incidence.

Constructor of Sites

We count totally on RVSiteBuilder in our plans of intuitive Hosting so that you construct your website easily and free.


It installs managers of contents, cars of sale, forums, blogs and creates your website in simple clicks without requiring advanced knowledge.

Control Panel cPanel

cPanel is the Control Panel more used by the lodging companies Web thanks to its interface simple and easy to administer.

Emails Limitless

It creates all the accounts of Email that you need and accedes easily to them from your favorite device without mattering where you are.

Backup copies

We realise backup copies of your archives weekly.
Your always safe information with us.

Migration Free

We totally migrate your website towards our servers free.
We worried about you in all the process!

Statistics of the Site

It accedes and it sees multiple information and statistics detalladadas on the traffic and progress of your website at any moment.


We analyze and we monitored your website maintaining it free of attacks and virus. Your archives out of danger with us.

Web FrontierPowerHosting

It understands because we were different from the competition and the advantages that you will obtain in our company.

Quality & Professionalism

FrontierPowerHosting is an Uruguayan company formed by professionals in the sector under the necessity to offer services to him of hosting Web to the clients being covered the present needs that they occur in our country.
We did not operate from the outside, we do not have thousands of clients which assures to him that always we will be to give a fast and efficient answer him, as well as effective solutions in real time.

Backups Weekly

We realise weekly copies of our servers and we lodged them in an external servant where they will be out of danger to be recovered at the moment at which it needs them.
It is not let deceive by other daily companies that offer backups to him, are simple techniques to occupy more space in its plan of Hosting and that must resort to contract more space in the future. Our copies are external and they do not occupy space in his disc.

Better hardware and software

We have servers with access to the best networks of the industry and best Hardware to offer stability and UPtime to him 24/7 along with our team of specialistic technicians.
In our servers we make use and we trusted the majors brands of software, as well as we counted on our own programs for the management of clients and solution of problems in real time.

We give a hand him

We did not provide auto answers nor we generated predesigned answers.

You will obtain in addition to immediate support the solution of problems and technical tasks that in other companies you would have to confront.

We assign a person to take care of customized way a group of clients to give him more than she has supported a hand in any task that appears.

Hosting Professional Uruguay

The professionals who manage our servers are enabled to solve any type of incidence in real time and to carry out the tasks that day to day are due to realise so that our service in addition to staying stable fulfills our objective, to be the best company of hosting in the Web of the country.
alojameinto Web Uruguay

Backup copies

We realise a copy of all archives weekly and we lodged them in an external servant.
Montevideo hosting

Software and Hardware

Better Hosting owns servers in a Data Center of last generation that stays updated with you complete them technologies.
pandemic hosting

Exclusive support

More than support we give a hand him, customized support without auto answers.
hosting in Uruguay

Professional equipment

Our professional equipment monitors, provides and carries out maintenance tasks guaranteeing the professionalism of the service.

Guarantee of the Service of Host

We trust our service, for that reason we offer guarantees to him.

Support 24/7/365

We inspire confidence and we are the 24 hours to help him with any incidence that happened offering immediate help him.

Guarantee of Satisfaction

We offer 7 days of satisfaction guarantee. If he is not in agreement with our service of lodging we give back its money to him.
hosting in the Web

99,9% of Uptime

We assured to him that its service will be in line and at full speed from where it is that it is being able to accede to its site and squares of emails.

Forms of payment

We count on the main forms of payment without extra costs.
abitab net
it sights
to discover
they american express

Frequent questions

We respond to the 4 more frequent answers on our service.
They realise gratuitous migration from other suppliers?
Our equipment would realise the transfer of its website, archives and mail towards our servers of gratuitous way.
In the process we analyzed his archives in the search of any type of malware. Once finalized the process we in the heat of left to operation its website in our servers.
I can only contract hosting?
Definitively yes. We did not force as other companies to have its domain and hosting with us.
You have the freedom to use the service of hosting without needing having vice versa contracted his domain in our company and.
How long they delay in activating the service?
The plans lodging Web activate and the data are sent immediately verify the payments.
In the case of Paypal the process is automatic since our system detects of automatic form when a payment of anyone of the plans of hosting is executed.
In the case of the domains they register once the payment is confirmed definitively.
There is permanence commitment?
We offer the freedom of permanence in our company to our clients.
We did not force to him to fulfill periods in our company being given him the possibility of migrating to any other supplier of services at the moment that wishes it.
It needs to realise another consultation?
It does not doubt in realising his consultations, it interests to know to us which are their questions to exercise our methods to offer the most suitable answer to him in the smaller time possible and to improve our service.

Click can execute its consultations to our equipment here realising.

Testimonies of Clients

We ask for testimonies to our clients to detect those advantages and difficulties and to improve our service day to day.

FrontierPowerHosting is one of the few companies that offer a customized attention totally, the technical support is of an impressive quality and they are really 24x7 taking care of each of his clients as friendly.
Very Recommendable, the very good prices also.

Leonardo Ponti

As far as the service, he covered with all needs. I have noticed the good stability of the service and the different access from places and regions and responds perfectly, in a balance until now functionality 100% being well-known the speed of load and unloading of my Web. Important to emphasize the easy thing, I began with this from zero, that is to say not to know anything, and today already I am put in the subject and nothing costs to me…

Daniel Martinez

The service is really fast and the support is very good. good prices. We pass through many host with much bad experience, until we found this and really we did it a very good election. Personally I recommend them…

Valeria Sosa

The service that offers this company is equal to that they offer the main companies from the country to a smaller cost.
The performance of the servers is than satisfactory more and in the three months that I am remaining lodged not hey even had no disadvantage.
I must emphasize the will of the technical support in solving problems that would have not even to solve. Very satisfied with the lodging Web.

Teresa Fernández

He needs help to migrate my website. I trusted my passwords of host where tapeworm previously lodged my Web and the technical support I hardly realise the complete migration in minutes.
Not hey had problems with my Web in all this period.

Santiago Ibañez

We have contracted with two Uruguayan companies previously therefore we have as realising a sincere opinion from our experience.
They transferred all our Web free, when with the second supplier they received to us for that reason and they have provided solutions to us to specific problems making us understand that they treated.
And so respecta to hosting the experience has been the best one until the moment.

Mario Garcia

Very happy with the attention, they have clarified many doubts to me. I am thankful for the help with the installation of Wordpress. Simple clicks were necessary to realise some, they refused to do it so that I myself it realised it and it discovered that he was not nothing of the other world.

Natalia Soria

I am designer Web and I have experience in the majority of the other companies of the sector in our country. They are already several sites of clients who I decide to lodge in because his hosting Wordpress in Uruguay I am best without doubts due to the speed and the constant update of PHP and MYSQL having left calm and gaining the trustworthiness of my clients.

Juan Silva